Discover Hallett Cove

Hallett Cove School is located:

  • In South Australia (population 1.7 million), Australia (population 24, 470, 000)
  • 18 kms south-west of the city centre (city access via train, bus, car expressway, taxi)
  • In the Festival City of Adelaide, (population 1.3 million people and the capital city of South Australia)
  • In the coastal suburb of Hallett Cove (13,000 people, average age 41 years)
  • Within five minute walking distance to local shopping centre
  • 800m from the train station
  • 1200m from the beach
  • 900m from a geologically significant conservation park
  • Near bike riding tracks (links to city) and walking tracks

Hallett Cove School has:

  • A school population of 1,375 students centred around a large campus (132,500 square metres)
  • Principal, Deputy Principal, two Heads of School, six Assistant Principals
  • Dedicated Junior/Primary School, Middle School and Senior School
  • Fully supported International Program with two enthusiastic staff members
  • Full accreditation as an International School (study tours, long term ISEC students, short term students etc.)
  • Curriculum – aligned to the Australian standards and 21st century teaching methodologies
  • 21st Century resources including wireless internet, iPads, modern laptops, Chromebooks, modern desktop computers, Interactive Whiteboards, Xo's etc.
  • Many specialist buildings: music rooms, performance centre (drama/dance), computing rooms, resource centre (library), VET plumbing centre, Year 12 study room, International Programmes office/common room, marine biology lab, photography studio, science labs, woodwork and metalwork rooms, 21st century student workspaces, dance studio, art rooms, food and catering facilities, fabric and textiles room, weight lifting area etc.
  • Two natural-grass ovals, an outdoor soccer court, basketball courts, 2 gyms for indoor sports like Badminton, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Cricket, Hockey etc.

Schooling in South Australia

South Australia has approximately 800 government schools which are either Primary or Secondary (High) Schools. A small number of schools have both Primary and Secondary students on the same campus. Hallett Cove School is the largest single campus in South Australia with both primary and secondary students aged from 5 to 18 years (western age). The school structure is therefore divided into Junior School (age 5-10 years), Middle School (age 11-14) and Senior School (age 15-18).

Junior School students complete Reception to Year 6 of schooling and then go into the Middle School. After completing Years 7-9 students move into Senior School to complete Years 10-12. It is during these final years of schooling that South Australian students start to make subject choices based on career pathways which can include University, apprenticeships, traineeships and paid work.

Enrol at Hallett Cove School: International Student Application Form

Curriculum in South Australia

Australian states and territories have historically produced and taught their own curriculum. Recently the Education Ministers decided that Australia needed to move towards a centralised national curriculum.

For further information about the Hallett Cove School Curriculum download the Hallett Cove School Curriculum Handbook

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