Highlighted events for International students, leaders and teachers 2018

Surfing lessons ran for all of term 1 2018

Surfing 4 for Di
surfing 3 for Di

At the end of January the Chungbuk teachers completed a study tour

Cheongju Masters Program teachers study tour commenced in February 2018

Sports Day was at the end of March

Sports Day 2018 Di final
Sports Day 2018 final Di
Sports Day final for Di

Also in March the Aidi International School Beijing Year 7 study tour commenced

In April we all had a good time on school holidays as Term 1 had finished
Internationals final for Di
In May we went on an excursion to look @ Aboriginal culture
excursion 18 for Di (2)
excursion 18 for Di (1)
In June we hosted students from Vietnam. A vibrant group who had a whirlwind time in Australia.
vietnam 1
Vietnam 2 for Di
In July some International student participated in our whole school production
Production 2 Di correct
Production 3 Di correct
Production 4 Di correct