Hallett Cove School offers students a well-equipped Technologies facility. Students can access five core skill areas: CAD/CAM, Woodwork, Electronics/Robotics, Photography and Metalwork. Students can hone their skills in a particular area(s) as they navigate from Middle to Senior School. Whether a student is looking at Trade Pathways or on to University, Technologies has a course to nurture the interests and future pathways of students.

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Technologies has two CAD suites where students are introduced to Autodesk Inventor, an industry standard 3D modelling package. Students access CAD across the five core skill areas as it underpins many of the emerging skills and technologies necessary for tomorrow’s jobs. Students have access to a bank of quality 3D printers to prototype and develop products of choice. In house Laser Cutting and CNC Machining are soon to be added to the repertoire of Hallett Cove School Technologies.

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Carpentry and cabinet making are core trades which Hallett Cove School has strongly supported and will continue to support. Students operate from two open, clean, dedicated Woodwork spaces, fitted with industry standard equipment.


Skills in programming, robotics and understanding electrical circuitry will be vital for success in many future industries. Consumer products are ever more reliant on electrical systems and Industry is further shifting to automated production. Hallett Cove School introduces students to the skills and technologies that are going to sculpt the jobs of the future. Students may look to a variety of endpoints in the electrical industry which can be supported by ‘in school’ and Electro Technology VET courses.


Hallett Cove School offers a Photography program from Year 9 through to Year 12. Students access specialist studios where they learn industry skills from an industry professional. Using digital imaging students explore a number of shooting types from Still Life through to Sports & Action. Students have opportunities to engage in extra curricula workshops/excursions to further develop their connection with the photography industry.


Students can access two dedicated Metalwork spaces. Students can access industry standard equipment with focusses on welding, sheet metal fabrication and metal machining (milling, turning). Access to the state of the art Trade Training Facility enables students to experience Oxy-Acetylene, MMA, MIG and TIG forms of welding. This is a region leading facility. Projects contain skills to introduce students to the various metal trades, giving them a glimpse of future pathways.